Information on the Locomotives of the club members.

steambay.jpg (65670 bytes)

View of the steaming bays
From L to R are John O'Dea and his Mogul, "DOC" Kinzer and his Mogul, Ed Diehl's Pacific, Ed himself is missing, Lou Koehler and his blue Atlantic, Leo Chism with his Pacific, Larry Kirchner and his Mikado, The arm belongs to Skip Rollins while the Pacific belongs to Lou Kohler, yes we do have two different Lou's.

(The above photo is getting a bit old, both Lou's, Leo Chism, and Ed Diehl have passed away.)

Any members that would like their engine information posted sent me a picture and the information. seyfritp @


Name or type Wheel Arrangement Whyte System
Shay Gear driven  
Tank Engines Various ---
Mogul o-OOO- 2-6-0
10 Wheeler oo-OOO- 4-6-0
Atlantic oo-OO-o 4-4-2
Pacific oo-OOO-o 4-6-2
Mikado o-OOOO-o 2-8-2
Northern/Greenbriar oo-OOOO-oo 4-8-4


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